Fabric and Features

Shirts in the Presto range are made with 100% Giza cotton fabric from Monti Tessitura of Italy.

The premium quality mother-of-pearl buttons and highest standards of tailoring lend these shirts a touch of detailing that separates the extraordinary from ordinary.

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Hassle-Free Experience

Our Presto Shirts treat you to the premium made-to-fit apparel experience, albeit without the hassles involved with premium clothing.

Make the most of your time with added advantages of machine wash (cold) and tumble dry (low heat).

The Presto Shirts come in our most popular styles, just enter your measurements and we will take care of everything else.

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Fast & Convenient Delivery

Made some spur of the moment plans? Travelling to a meeting or an event and require a perfectly fitted shirt on short notice?
No need to worry, we can deliver the shirt directly to your destination.

Provide us with the address where you want the shirt delivered, then 2 business days later: Hey Presto! Your shirt is shipped.

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*The Presto Shirts are shipped to you within 2 business days of us receiving your measurements.