We ship worldwide. We use Fedex/DHL 2-day service as a standard for shipping to anywhere in the world...


Shipping Policy


Free Shipping on all orders above $75. 

USA, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Canada, Switzerland, Hungary, Bulgaria, India

EU Customers - We recommend that you buy from Luxire.de. If buying from Luxire.com, you will be billed duties during delivery. Luxire.de prices include all VAT and import duties. Checkout price is your final cost. 

USA customers - No import duties for deliveries upto $800

If duties are charged in your country of import, they are paid by the customer during delivery. At checkout, customer is not billed VAT.

Australia & New Zealand: $20 Flat Shipping on all orders.

Russia: $35 if shipping through the Post Office.  This is a trackable service and usually gets delivered in about 2 weeks. We do guarantee handing over the packet to the Indian post office and sharing tracking details. Beyond that, we are not responsible for postal delays or failures. 

Singapore: $10 for orders above $100, $20 otherwise

Rest of Asia: $20 flat shipping


Limited Fedex/DHL service is available but may require additional documentation.

Due to Russia specific import rules, we do sometimes see courier packets to Russia getting delayed.


Global shipping: $25 Flat on all orders.

Duties: As garments are shipped for personal use, many countries do not charge duties on them. In case they are charged, they will be billed to the customer directly by Fedex/DHL.

Fedex and DHL remain our preferred shipping partners. The packets are sent using 2-Day service and are fully trackable.  



1. Ready-to-wear items are shipped the same day. Custom made items are usually shipped in 3 Business Days.

2. Shipped by FEDEX/DHL and delivered in 2-3 business days.

3. Luxire stocks more than 6000 rolls of fabrics. Any item ordered in these fabrics are shipped in 3 business days.

Apart from these, we also offer items from mills like Alumo, Albini, Canclini, Fox Flannels, Dugdale, Minnis (HFW), Harrisons, Holland and Sherry, Molloy, Brisbane Moss etc. Though many of these items are stocked, some are ordered from the mill after you place your order. This can add about 1 week to your order delivery.


Return Policy

We are proud of each garment we bring you. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. If  you feel unsatisfied about your purchase from Luxire.com, contact us and we will set it right for you as per the policy below:

For Garments made incorrectly: The garments are thoroughly tested against your order details and shipped only if all parameters are correct.  In case you are not happy with the item, we will alter/remake the item for you, free of cost. Just ship the item back to us at the factory address below. You will be liable for any duties that are required to  be paid during the shipment of the returned garment to us.

For Garments made as per your specifications: In case you are not happy with the item even though the style and measurements were as per your specifications, we will alter the item for you. You are required to pay for the cost of alteration and shipping. Just ship the item back to us at the factory address below. You will be liable for any duties that are required to  be paid during the shipment of the returned shirt to us.


The address to send is below. We recommend this service as we have subsidized the cost of our Fedex/DHL return shipping, resulting in a faster and reliable service.


As we make each of our garments on order and only for the ordering customer, returns are not something we can afford. They are also wasteful.

Hence, we have a policy of not accepting returns. But, we are always happy to work with the customer to make the garment of use to him as that is the goal of the customer in ordering from us.


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Wool fabrics from Italian mills VBC, Drago, EThomas and British mills Dugdale, Minnis

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  • Made for you

    Every clothing made to fit only you. We make it to your measurements and your style preference.

  • Guaranteed Fit

    If you are unhappy with the fit, we will alter/remake it for you, at no extra cost.

  • Natural Fabrics from Italy

    Wool, cotton, linen, silk - Luxire believes in natural fibers. We source our fabrics from the best mills in Italy.

  • Pants on Sale

    Real wool pants have now become a luxury. It is rare to come across wool pants in stores as most wool-like pants are a blend of man-made materials.

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  • Outerwear on Sale

    Old-style peacoats - keeps you toasted in the coldest of weathers, trench coats, jackets. Luxire makes them to your specifications.

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  • Shirts on Sale

    Luxire makes your shirt for you, adfter you place your order. Made to your measurements and to the styling you prefer. All this is done in 3 days and shipped.

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  • Wool Flannels

    Wool flannels have been a favorite every year during the Black Friday Sale. Why? They are the best!

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  • Corduroys

    Corduroys are cozy. Can be worn to a party and can also be made into pajamas. Keeps you warn and comfortable.

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  • Chino & Cotton Pants

    Cotton is the ultimate comfrt fiber, a true gift of mother nature. Can be worn throughout the year, breathes with you and lives with you.

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  • Moleskin

    Moleskin is like velvet, made of cotton. It is very warm and comfortable. Excellent pants for winter.

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  • Stretch Cotton

    Pants for an active day. Cotton chinos with stretch allow you to move through your day in comfort.

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  • Jeans

    Luxire makes the best Jeans in the world. Custom made to your specifications, using the best Japanese denim and Italian hardware, there is none better

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  • Business Shirts Sale

    White, Blue, Stripes, Checks - Office Style from Brembana, Monti and others

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  • Oxford Shirts

    Warm, comfortable, easy-care, breathable and classy - Oxford shirts have it all.

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  • Flannel Shirts

    Nothing beats the fuzziness of a flannel shirt in winter. It has cozy written all over it.

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