Since 2012, Luxire has been making made-to-measure clothing for men across 60 countries.

These men prefer Luxire because:

1. Perfect fitting: Each garment is made to the customer’s measurements and hence fits well. We work with you to shape the garment to your body. You thus get the best fitting possible.

2. Styled for you: We style the garment to your needs, to your body, to your lifestyle. If you sit at a computer all day, we will add some room to the sleeves and back for better movement and comfort. You wear your watch on the right hand, we will add extra room in your right cuff.

3. Highest Quality: Take a Luxire garment to the best tailor on Saville Row and he will only admire our work. Luxire uses the best trims from European mills, hron/mother-of-pearl buttons and best fabrics from British/Italian/Swiss mills.

4. Human Customer Service: We are tailors and we understand clothing. Your mails are replied to by people who understand clothing. Who are either trained fashion designers or who have worked in tailoring. We work with you to make you happy.

5. Affordable: All our clothing are made by us at our facilities in Bangalore. You can see a video here. We source our fabrics directly from the mills. There are no middle-men anywhere in the chain. So no big markups are added. You thus get the best value possible.





Hello, we're Luxire. We've spent half a decade making clothing for the best dressed men in the world. We bring together classic design and the best in tailoring workmanship to a fulfilling clothing experience: all for an honest price.

Buying clothing online can be a challenge, but we're positive you've not had an experience like this.


Mastery of any discipline is lifelong work. We believe that no matter what your task is, when you work with integrity and devotion, you command respect. To that end, we've created a team of skilled craftsmen, whose dedication to quality is second to none. Along with some of the best fabric manufacturers in the business, we bring you the best clothing many can buy.

Experienced craftsmen combine skills handed down from generation to generation, boosted by the latest developments in computer-aided manufacturing technology. We believe this combination of old and new world techniques result in the finest and best fitting clothing in the world.


We use only the highest grade materials for our clothing, threads, interlinings, natural buttons, ensuring the sharpest look and most comfortable fit. Each garment is hand finished, each aspect is quality checked before being shipped to you. While most brands leave these to processes, we do it all by hand, it's standard on everything we make.

Each shirt is made with care to give you comfort of wear. There are over 200 individual processes brought together to complete each pair of pants. We've spent countless hours in our studio, working together with the craftsmen to ensure the final product is to your specification.


We're inspired by small details that you want to make your clothing work for you. We are intrigued by small points that cause you any discomfort or leave you less than overjoyed. We find solutions.

Every one of our clients needs are reviewed by a real tailors who makes final clothing and uses his judgements before finishing your clothing. Clothing for men have never been made with this level of precision ever before.


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Save 50% on Wool Pants

Wool fabrics from Italian mills VBC, Drago, EThomas and British mills Dugdale, Minnis

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  • Made for you

    Every clothing made to fit only you. We make it to your measurements and your style preference.

  • Guaranteed Fit

    If you are unhappy with the fit, we will alter/remake it for you, at no extra cost.

  • Natural Fabrics from Italy

    Wool, cotton, linen, silk - Luxire believes in natural fibers. We source our fabrics from the best mills in Italy.

  • Pants on Sale

    Real wool pants have now become a luxury. It is rare to come across wool pants in stores as most wool-like pants are a blend of man-made materials.

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  • Outerwear on Sale

    Old-style peacoats - keeps you toasted in the coldest of weathers, trench coats, jackets. Luxire makes them to your specifications.

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  • Shirts on Sale

    Luxire makes your shirt for you, adfter you place your order. Made to your measurements and to the styling you prefer. All this is done in 3 days and shipped.

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  • Wool Flannels

    Wool flannels have been a favorite every year during the Black Friday Sale. Why? They are the best!

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  • Corduroys

    Corduroys are cozy. Can be worn to a party and can also be made into pajamas. Keeps you warn and comfortable.

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  • Chino & Cotton Pants

    Cotton is the ultimate comfrt fiber, a true gift of mother nature. Can be worn throughout the year, breathes with you and lives with you.

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  • Moleskin

    Moleskin is like velvet, made of cotton. It is very warm and comfortable. Excellent pants for winter.

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  • Stretch Cotton

    Pants for an active day. Cotton chinos with stretch allow you to move through your day in comfort.

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  • Jeans

    Luxire makes the best Jeans in the world. Custom made to your specifications, using the best Japanese denim and Italian hardware, there is none better

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  • Business Shirts Sale

    White, Blue, Stripes, Checks - Office Style from Brembana, Monti and others

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  • Oxford Shirts

    Warm, comfortable, easy-care, breathable and classy - Oxford shirts have it all.

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  • Flannel Shirts

    Nothing beats the fuzziness of a flannel shirt in winter. It has cozy written all over it.

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