Here are the steps to order product

  1. Browse the Website: Visit and browse through product catalog to find the items you want to purchase.

  2. Product Selection: Click on the product you're interested in to view more details, including available colors, sizes, and prices. Make your selection.

  3. Select Size:

    • Choose from the available predefined sizes such as Small, Medium, Large, or numerical sizes like 36, 38, etc., depending on the sizing system used by the brand.
    • Alternatively, select "Custom Size"  sizing if you prefer a more tailored fit.
  4. Custom Size:

    • If you opt for custom sizing, you will be guided through a process where you provide your exact measurements. Input values for your chest, waist, hips, inseam, sleeve length, etc.
    • Be prepared to take accurate measurements or, in some cases, visit a tailor to do so. Follow the instructions provided on the website for measuring yourself.
  5. Review and Confirm:

    • After selecting either a predefined size or custom measurements, review your selection to ensure it's accurate.
    • Some websites will provide additional information or guidance on selecting the appropriate size or entering custom measurements.

  6. Add to Cart: Once you've decided on a product and selected your size or custom measurements, click the "Add to Cart" or similar button. This action will add the item to your shopping cart.

  7. Review Cart: Click on the shopping cart icon, usually located in the upper right corner of the website, to review the items in your cart. You can make changes to the quantity or remove items if needed.

  8. Proceed to Checkout: Click the "Checkout" or "Proceed to Checkout" button on the shopping cart page. This will take you to the order summary and payment page.

  9. Shipping Information: Provide your shipping address, including your name, shipping address, and contact information. Some websites also allow you to select the shipping method at this stage.

  10. Billing Information: Enter your billing information, including your payment method (credit card, PayPal, etc.) and billing address.

  11. Review Order: Review your order, including the items, quantities, shipping information, and total cost. Make sure all the information is accurate.

  12. Apply Coupons or Promotions: If you have any valid coupons or promotional codes, enter them during the checkout process to apply discounts.

  13. Place Order: Once you are satisfied with your order details, click the "Place Order" or similar button to confirm the purchase.

  14. Payment: You will be directed to a secure payment gateway where you'll need to enter your payment details and confirm the payment.

  15. Confirmation: After successful payment, you should receive an order confirmation on the website and a confirmation email sent to the email address you provided.

Q. I need to change a part of my order. How do I do that?

Answer: We will be glad to accomodate the changes till the product of the item has not started. Once production has started, we will try and accomodate your request but it cannot be guaranteed.

You can send your request by email, mentioning your order number in the subject. If you need to send a second change request, it should include details of your first change request too. We will only act on the requests in your last email. The email MUST contain the order number without which the email may be ignored.


Q. Will any agreed points on email/chat be automatically included in the order details?

Answer: NO. Only explicit information mentioned in the order details will be processed as part of your order. Do add your complete requirements in the notes. If anything is to be added later, please send email requesting that the same be included as part of your order.